About Us

We are a Louisiana based small business shop! Everything is ran by Bethany & Shelby.
Here you will find everything from the trendiest outfits and bows for babies 🌟

Let us introduce our selfs:

Shelby is a business major whose dream is to own and operate her own business

Bethany was inspired by her babies to make them stylish clothes and the cutest bows

So together we formed our Southern Style Edgy Aesthetic

✨Magnolia Bliss✨ 

We are not your typical clothing business we believe Halloween is everyday👻 and it should be celebrated everyday

All of our handmade items are crafted with love in our crafting room🖤

We just wanna thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us!
Have a blessed day, doll 😘🥰


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**Some handmade items are from the USA &&& China**